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Acne Scars Treatment

Acne Scars

The fact about scars is it will never completely go away. However, many advanced treatment methods can help reduce its size and appearance. Some of the significant scar treatments we provide are:

Dermapen With Mesotherapy
Co2 lasers : is the gold standard treatment for scar reduction . It has a down time of 5-7 days during which the scared skin exfoliates giving a tighter and scarless skin.

Micro needle Radio frequency (MNRF) & Microelectrode Radio frequency lasers : Are the most advanced and newer technology lasers for resurfacing and scar reduction available at Alpha hospital. These techniques have lesser down time of 2-3 days only . This can be combined with peels and PRP treatment to give faster and better treatment.

PRP treatment : is one of the latest and high yield method of treating the scars .  ‘Platelet rich plasma’ which is injected under the scars or introduced under skin by no needle meso therapy to give you a scarless , smooth and tighter skin. Here the platelets repair the dead skin of the scars and produces collagen under skin which keep on rejuvenating the skin.

At our Dr Lahoti’s clinic we examine your scars/marks and apply the best procedure to reduce your scars significantly.